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Donor Doctor Podcast

Donor Doctor Podcast

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Dr. Richard Dressner podcast

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (3522)

*Dr. Richard Dressner, who led a $120MM capital campaign for George Washington's Mount Vernon, was a guest last week on the Donor Doctor Show.  Here are a few of his insights:

* Many colleges go overboard on research and don't focus enough on cultivating relationships.

* It's important to not put off making the "ask" too long.

* Passion matters!

Dr. Dressner says that causes without a "natural constiuency" -- such as a museum -- need direct mail for a source of donors who can be upgraded for major gifts and planned giving, as well as a source of unrestricted funds that grows over time.

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* David Garfinkel, the "World's Greatest Copywriting Coach," was a guest this week on the Donor Doctor Show  

David talks about his background as a journalist.  How it helped -- and hurt -- as he made the transition to copywriting.  He speaks about his offer that made millions for a travel agency, the importance of headlines and bullet points, and his research that shows there is a hunger for "community" in America.

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